DABAWENYOS who are looking for livelihood and lifestyle change opportunities can now start their own small business ventures by raising and milking dairy goats right in their backyards or small lots.

"Everybody including children and adults should drink milk so you can just imagine the milk requirement of the Dabawenyos alone considering that the city's population has breached the million level," Dr. Roberto Puentespina of Malagos Garden said.

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Goats are a good investment because they have a dual purpose -- they produce milk and meat, he said. However, he added, people think of goats in terms of chevon only or their meat, instead of taking care of them until such time they produce milk for the owner.

"Our goats have been well-selected and are guaranteed to produce quality milk but we can't keep them all, so we sell" he said.

The Malagos Farm owns up to 300 dairy goats most of which already produce milk, but they are putting up 180 dairy goats for sale during the Malagos Farm Fair.

The Malagos Farm Fair, which is slated on August 7 and 8, will showcase the menagerie of farm animals from the Malagos Farm to include goats, cows, ostriches and birds.

He said they have been receiving a lot of queries from a lot of people, mostly breeders who want to get good breeds of dairy goats. The Malagos Farm is however close to the public the whole year round and they do not sell their goats and other animals.

"The two-day Malagos Farm Fair is thus a very good opportunity for those who want to acquire good breeds of dairy goats," he said.

Puentespina said these goats are heat-resistant and are ideal for the city's third district considering the variety of grass found everywhere there. However, he added, you do not need very large farms to grow dairy goats since only one square meter of housing for each animal is enough.

The ideal cost effective operation consists of a herd of about 10 female goats plus one male goat for breeding purposes. With each female goat priced at P6,500 and the male goat priced at P10,000, an investor who already has land for grazing only needs at least P75,000 to get an ideal herd of dairy goat.

"Those who want to start a small business with very little capital can look at the possibility of raising dairy goats not only for breeding but also for milking," he said.

Aside from guaranteeing the breed of the dairy goats, buyers during the Malagos Farm Fair can also expect efficient and informed after-sales service from Puentespina, who is a veterinarian.

For a P250 entrance fee per day inclusive of lunch of roast beef and sea bass from Alsons, guests to the Malagos Farm Fair will get the rare opportunity to get on board the hay ride for the farm tour. The entrance fee is also inclusive of all the scheduled seminars and shows for the day.

Get your tickets now at Waling Flowers at Victoria Plaza and Bolcan St., Tiny Kitchen, Pizzeria, and Buona Terra along F Torres St., Girl Scouts Bldg. along Ponciano Reyes St., Betty's Bakeshop fronting Stella Maris Academy and at Swiss Deli and Spirale in Lanang, Davao City. Safe commute to and from Malagos by Aircon L300 jeep from Bangkerohan Station at P50 only (one way). For more information please call 0917-5481867 or 082-2216344.

The Malagos Farm Fair 2010 Partners are: Coca-Cola, SMART Buddy, Philippine Airlines, Waling Flowers from Davao, San Miguel Beer, B-meg, Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdogs, Swiss Deli, Mars Incorporated, Habagat, Hydrock Wells Inc., DCTech, Propmech Green Heat, and Malagos Farmhouse. (PR)