A NEW member of the Cebu Provincial Board (PB) wants towns and cities in the province clearly identified, through signs, to help tourists.

PB Member Sun Shimura proposed in a resolution that the Cebu Provincial Engineer’s Office install road markers and signs in the different cities and towns, for convenience’s sake.

“The Province of Cebu plays a vital role in trade and commerce in the country, if not in Asia, as the same is gifted with a natural harbor, which now serves as focal point of growth and development in the Visayas and Mindanao,” the resolution read.

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The Cebu PB approved it during last Monday’s session.

Shimura observed that boundaries of some cities and towns have not been clearly marked and there are no signs in some places to tell commuters when they are leaving one town and entering another.

He cited, as an example, his hometown in Daanbantayan, where he served as mayor from 2007 to June 2010.

Shimura said that travelers, more often than not, ended up at Hagnaya Port when they wanted to go to Daanbantayan, when using the Bogo City national highway.

This was due to the lack of road markers or directional signs, he said.

“Considered and recognized as an island paradise in this part of the country, it is imperative that the major points of entry and exit of the different cities and municipalities in the province be appropriately installed with road markers and sigs,” the resolution read.

Calling Cebu the “island of festivals,” Shimura said Cebu is a favorite tourist destination, for both local and foreign tourists, and a convention hub for the Visayas and Mindanao. (JGA)