THE 15th year anniversary celebration of Special Education (Sped) Center inside Pampanga High School was bereft of the presence of big guests, politicians and the pomp of any celebration found among many institutions during their anniversary celebrations.

In fact, the Sped students this year, along with their teachers, opted to have a simple celebration and invited to celebrate the special event were members of Quota International Pampanga Chapter led by President Myra Manabat.

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Sped students, who were eager to entertain their benefactors, danced, performed skits and gags perfectly exhibiting their talents despite their physical depravities. To each performance, Quota members gave a hearty applause amid the realization that more should be done to help these talented and special kids.

The Sped program here has indeed gone a long way and with it the rise in the number of speech and hearing impaired youths who have enrolled under the program. For 15 silent years, the Sped program has been transforming the lives of these youths to become productive members of the community.

Quota International Pampanga, a major partner of the Sped program, has been in the shadow of many of the development works for the Sped students. Quota believes that aside from the education of these children, it is also essential to save them from self-pity; to empower them; to make them confident and well-rounded individuals.

"Quota has been able to build the Sped building here. We are planning to develop it more," Manabat said, stressing that aside from this Quota has been doing regular program development activities for the Sped students and assistance in their school needs.

Currently, Quota is aiming to increase its support for the Sped program and make it more known to other places in Pampanga. Sped teachers and students are surely grateful for Quota's help, help that has been given silently, without recognition, for the past ten years.

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