FLOYD Mayweather Sr.’s latest tirade against Manny Pacquiao has not only riled fans, but also Cebu City Councilor Edgar Labella.

Labella wants Senior censured for his latest insults against Pacquiao, who merely shrugged it off.

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I know the councilor has good intentions but I hope he drops the proposed resolution. It’s a waste of paper and it will only encourage the Mayweathers.

Getting a reaction is the sole reason Senior said those words.

The bigger the feedback, the better. Because in his twisted mind, that means he is right.

Besides, this is boxing, an insane quote is normal. Anything to promote yourself is normal. Didn’t Mike Tyson once said he’d have Lennox Lewis’s children for dinner?

Floyd Mayweather Sr. is not only a former fighter turned trainer, he’s a master showman. And for him, the boxing show revolves around one name—Mayweather—be it Senior, Junior or Roger.

Here’s Manny in his latest Philboxing.com column Kumbinasyon, “If Mayweather doesn’t want to fight, that’s fine. Life goes on for all of us and our lives don’t revolve around his ego.

I will fight the best out there as I have always done in my career.”

If Labella wants to push through with the plan, then he should include Roger. This guy came up with the most absurd “proof” to the steroids claim—he once said in a radio interview that Pacquiao must have used the same steroids Filipino soldiers used when they fought the Americans 500 years ago (his time frame). History taught us that the US soldiers had a hard time controlling the juramentados, and for Roger, Pinoys can’t possibly beat the Americans, so those soldiers must have been on steroids.

Senior’s stunt—it is what is, just a stunt—came after news of Pacquiao’s first congressional session hit the Internet. And this is not the first time a Mayweather tried to steal Pacquiao’s thunder.

The first was just hours before Pacquiao kayoed Ricky Hatton.

That was when Jrunior announced his comeback. The second came when Pacquiao received the Fighter of the Year Award last June. That was when Junior announced his retirement.

Come Nov. 13, will Junior fight Daddy on UFC? Or if Pacquiao makes his first privileged speech, will a Mayweather piss on the flag?

These folks are not being talked about because none of them are fighting. The only thing left to do to get media attention is to say the darndest things. So ignoring them is the best move.

I mean, you don’t sue a clown for clowning around, do you?

It’s his job.

But if the Cebu City Council is serious on passing that resolution, then they can forget about sending copies to the Philippine Sports Commission, or even to the US Embassy.

The PSC will just throw it after scratching its head and saying, “What do we do with this?” The PSC is for amateur athletes and Pacquiao is out of their jurisdiction.

If the Cebu City Council wants its resolution to have an impact, they’d better send copies to the four boxing bodies—WBO, IBF, WBC and WBA—and to the Nevada Sports Commission. At least the people who get to read it are those who have the power over the Mayweathers. I know the resolution will also be well-received by WBC president Jose Sulaiman, since the guy praised Pacquiao when he sued the Mayweathers and Golden Boy for libel.

Labella is irked, that’s why he’s proposing that resolution.

But if I may, sir. Here is something I do when the Floyds do a Mayweather.

I always review this lovely poem by Senior, which he read during the final press con for Pacquiao vs. Hatton.

“I am being for real and saying what I feel, this is the truest quote that I ever wrote...Come May 2nd, you will be uncrowned with your head hanging down...So let’s make it simple and plain after this fight, Pac will never be the same...It ain’t no secret and I hope you know, The Hitman Hatton by KO!”

Then, I go to YouTube to watch the knockout and think about the latest truest quote that he wrote…