PRESIDENT Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, in his first address today before the first joint session of Congress since the last elections, may set another first: shaming a former president in her presence.

Ex-president now Rep. Gloria Arroyo, along with other members of Congress, will listen to President Noy’s Sona, which “will tell the truth” about the state of the government GMA had left at the end of nine years.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

It’s awkward enough in a picture of reversal of power. It’s also enormously embarrassing as he’ll talk about her sins right in her face.

It’s not intended to shame Mrs. Arroyo, the Palace says, but won’t the effect make pious intent irrelevant? The news cameras would lap up the scene.

Sucked dry

He gave us a peek into his Sona: empty state coffers. “Almost all the funds that we were to use in the coming months have been sucked dry,” P-Noy said. “Sucked dry” is pretty strong with some hint of lingam lewdness.

The Sona will thrash GMA once more, after the booing in Luneta last June 30 and the new survey that still puts her at the bottom of the heap.

GMA is no dead horse that one no longer beats. She and her allies keep strong political presence, even posing threat of a return to power.

Aside from the “shock and awe” in P-Noy’s Sona, the new bashing will help P-Noy explain why he won’t be able to keep his promises yet.

He has to put the government back in shape. The nation must cope with calamities. With a depleted treasury, there’s need to scrimp.

Meantime, shelve hopes of wiping out poverty. P-Noy’s government will first go after Gloria and other suspected crooks.