WHAT is there to prove more anyway for Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao? Fame, fortune, and glory? Not anymore, he's got a lot of them all. He has not only won as many as seven world titles in as many weight division in boxing redefining the art of pugilistic contest in four cornered arena, making him the greatest boxer in this planet of all time but also, even entered the world of politics as representative of Sarangani Province in Congress. Not ordinary feat to a mortal.

But Pacman shows how and what it takes to do it.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

First ever boxer to become a Congressman? That's incredibly unprecedented and one for the books. He could even be considered as presidential timber given his popularity. Who really knows given various recognitions he has been reaping.

Malacañang like White House after all, is also a turf of entertainment. And Manny being the best among the cream of the crop is undeniably could be a good material and candidate. But no! Not yet, unless he could match or even surpass his feat in boxing if he is dead set in conquering Congress and Malacañang. Why not?

By all means, he could still get the eight wonders of the boxing world for his next fight against Miguel Cotto who moved up to higher weight division or Antonio Margarito who is visibly too heavy to handle for Manny in heavier 154 pounds.

But again, what is there to prove for Manny? Fighting them would not only destruct his focus of his stint in Congress but also would exact heavy toll in his body given the heavy punishments he absorbed and received from all his fights from other boxing greats he encountered in the ring specially over the decades. We have seen it all from Morales, Barrerra, Marquez and Cotto - all inflicting him great damage - only that Pacaman convincingly won over them.

Besides, time is fleeting as the wind as he is now nearing fast the six year's mark given by his coach Freddie Roach as Manny's best years in boxing. Why wait subjecting himself to further self damage when he could work, eat and live like any ordinary healthy mortal without inflicting Alaxan's aking array, aking galling? He has also been dubbed too as walking Tourist Man, the reason why he should preserve himself if need be to go that extra mile without absorbing further punishments. Will the seconds of Manny please advise him to retire for good?

Never mind not fighting the airy Floyd Mayweather Jr. Of course, it would have been a fitting tribute to all his boxing fans around the globe fighting the noisy pretty boy undefeated boxing great. But that's the way it is. Better to retire resting again in boxing and resurrect later than suffer uncalled for setback from Manny. This ploy is simply the best for Mayweather as he stands no chance getting fast destroyer Manny. That's why last Saturday, the 17th, was the red letter day for him as he rightly shun away signing the contract or his day from then on towards November would never be the same again. He was right, signing the contract is sealing his fate of destiny that early relegating him to the dustbin of boxing history. As such, it was definitely a mistake he could not afford to commit for the moment.

For many boxing observers too, it's not only Bob Arum but the millions of viewing public stand benefiting most from that "no-singing" deal of the fight of the decade. Pretty Boy knows it, he has no chance mixing it up with Pacman. The only honorable way for him to do to salvage his unblemished record is to stand there dancing away from Manny's lethal left-right combinations and go the full twelve rounds distance and pray salvaging a draw. But no way Manny would allow that. Thus, he would be in full throttle when the bell rings in round one up. It would then be either the reminiscent of Marco Antonio Barrera's lousy second fight or the boring Clottey's misadventure event the people left the venue the last two rounds not giving their moneys' worth.

Definitely, Mayweather's attempt would erase that record and established himself as the dullest fighter ever to go against Manny. For unless he mixed it up with the beast Pacman, I just feel it's going to be an all lackluster fight of the century next that of Clottey's. Ergo, never mind na lang and allow Manny to make up his mind resting his gloves for good. That way, he is also at par with his nemesis Mayweather enjoying what he is doing best, staying there away securing his lofty position as one of the world's boxing's greatest until the fast talking Mayweather Jr. eats his words and ink the deal. That way, he'll have his day full

Psychological warfare Manny engaging in, giving dose of his own medicine? This scenario is so far the best leveling gambit to happen. But who knows as Bob Arum reveals the public, Mayweather might change his mind and agree on the deal while entertaining of getting either Cotto or Margarito for Manny. That if he gets out from his shell. So better for Mayweather's camp to check or suffer the boxing history's ignominy of defeat - a bogus champ without ever throwing a punch with the world's best Pacquiao.