TOO many times had students often neglected their basic rights, either in school or beyond their respective institutions.

Usually, students only see themselves as half responsible for most undertakings that they partake in. While most of the time, some elements [of society] chooses to take advantage of the innocence and simplicity of students. So, what really composed of basic student rights?

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

Academic wise and consumer wise, these are basic rights that each and every student should enjoy although some do fail to understand them or worse -- have no idea what their rights are.

These privileges are made so as to protect the students and teach them on how to be responsible over their own actions within the norms of educational and consumer boundaries. So we all could understand some of the basic rights of students and what each right states, here are some of them.

1. The right to quality and relevant education through competent and continuing instruction.

All of us have the need to further progress intellectually or even as a person. As students, we depend on the information and wisdom imparted by our educators. However, there are times when some instructors and their initiative might be questionable most especially if they seem to be unsure of what they are teaching or overly distracted in class to the point that the lesson is no longer conducive. It is our basic right to question them or remind them as to how their roles and responsibilities may adversely affect us, the students, since we are for quality and relevant education.

2. The right to freedom of expression and assembly.

We are all entitled with the freedom of joining and participating in school-oriented and recognized organizations and activities that do not inhibit us from exercising our freedom of expression be it in written/published format or through a variety of creative outputs available at our proper disposal although, all these should be done in accordance to the specified regulations of our institutions and with utmost respect for others and their rights as well.

3. The right to access and issuance of our individual records.

Basic understanding of this right is the right to credible information when it comes to our academic standing, grades and the likes and even the tabulation or computation of garnered scores if we deem it necessary to understanding how such was derived with regards to the conclusive outcome. Access to these scholastic records should be readily available to students but we should all be fully aware that this can only be done with regards to school policies i.e. completion of clearances, due fees, etc...

4. The right to guidance, counseling, and health services.

Just as in any other case, we have the right to basic needs in school such as seeking medical, dental and even psychological help if the need arises. It is in the institution's utmost regard to provide a secure and adequate environment for everyone.

5. The right to be free from any kind of harassment.

Now this right should not be taken likely. As we are well aware, sexual harassment could easily be overseen in school and we should all take the measures and precautions so as not to be prone to such devious acts. However, this is not the only harassment that we should be wary, we all should do our fair share so that we won't be harassed verbally and disrespected as well - which consists of hostility due to race, religion, sexual orientation and the likes. We are all important no matter who or what we are.

6. The basic consumer rights of students.

Whether we are questioning the price, the quality, the advertising of a product or even the way it was sold to us. And another tip, it is neither a crime nor a sin to ask for your 50 centavo change back from the taxi or jeepney driver. We are entitled to receipts. Simply put, we have the right to question and be assured of the products that we buy or the services that are rendered to us.

All these strongly state our basic rights as students, among others. How we maximize and use these rights to our advantage are completely up to us.

Moreover, each right that we are entitled to also has a corresponding responsibility. We should therefore be wise (and careful) in anything and everything that we do and simply remember that we mirror the core values not only taught by our parents but that of our institution.