CONTINUING his advocacy for road safety, Councilor Fred Bagbagen asked the Baguio City Engineers Office to paint all existing cross walks and to properly mark them with the words “pedestrian lane,” “zebra lane,” “safety zone” and “stop lines.”

In a proposed resolution, Bagbagen said putting the proper markings would help inform the public about safety signs on the road.

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He cited various ordinances, which would support his request of instituting proper road signs.

Without the proper markings, the councilor said implementation of related ordinances that dwell on the observance of traffic regulations might be questioned.

Pedestrian lanes are those designated within highways or public streets marked by two parallel lines. Zebra lines on the other hand, are black and white strips placed on traffic heavy roads.

Safety zones or island is a space set aside in busy highways for the exclusive use of pedestrians.

A stop line is an arrow sign across a roadway indicating the point where motorists are required to stop in compliance with the directions shown on traffic signal lights. (Rimaliza Opiña)