A TEACHER believes that teaching must be child-centered. Each child is a unique individual with countless potentials waiting to be discovered and realized. As a learner, he is an individual who grows not only mentally but most especially from within (better person) through the various activities he experiences in a social setting. He should be guided to become responsible for any decision he makes and action he takes. He is a human being who can become the BEST he can be just as long as he is assisted and supported in learning.

In the process of his self-actualization, the teacher's role is to facilitate his learning. As Niko Kazantzakis suggest (which I strongly believe in) that an ideal teacher is one who uses himself as bridge over which he invites his pupils to cross, then having facilitated their crossing joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create bridges of their own.

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On an account of these beliefs, a teacher's personal philosophy of teaching is teaching those aims at the fullest development of the human personality. It recognizes the dignity and worth of the individual, which serves as the care of a democratic society. It is a movement towards a humanized leaving process - one that will help every individual, whatever needs and background to realize his potential as a HUMAN BEING. Consequently having actualized his PERSONHOOD, he becomes a more functioning, efficacious and productive member in a society.

Aurora n. Nabong

Principal I

San Vicente-San Francisco Elementary School

Macabebe, Pampanga