ABSTRACT art takes the limelight this week.

The artists are local abstractionists who have an exhibit at the Gabriela Gallery along AS Fortuna St. that will run until July 30. The trio is composed of Tito Cuevas, Sio Montera and Javy Villacin.

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Just what is it there to see in an abstract show? Well, don’t try to look for identifiable forms because there will be none.

That’s what abstract art gives us.

It uses a visual language of forms, colors and lines that don’t seem to have references in the world. However, it is still delightful.

Neither should you try to find a subject because you will not be able to see one.

Instead, try to feel the spontaneity of paint and brush works.

Free your mind and you’ll understand the emotions that run through the “gestural” paintings. Find the source of the movement and you’ll get what the colors mean, and what action the painting tries to convey.

The three painters on the show have all practiced the abstract art form by heart.

Doing abstractions have defined their craft and life. They have become very good at it so that it has become their second nature. They have successfully sustained and maintained this great practice. It has become their discipline.