A matter of strategy—This is a distinct possibility. Strategy for Floyd Mayweather Jr. to rest up a bit after having just fought a few months ago and receiving the biggest scare of his career in that fateful second round against Mosely.

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Or strategy perhaps to lure Manny into complacency while he tackles a Herculean task in representing the Sarangani district in the House of Reps?

Whatever the case, Floyd has wasted an opportunity to further enhance his ring legacy. For now.

CONSIDER. Now that Antonio Margarito has substituted for him, there is always the inherent danger—as with any boxing match—that Pacquiao will lose. In such an eventuality, expect “Pretty Boy” to babble something incoherent about Pacquiao not being that good to begin with.

In the end, his strategy would have paid off. He gets to avoid fighting a fighter he fears as he sits back to watch somebody else do the job. Then he proclaims he is the greatest of all time. What a schmuck!

ALL THE WRONG REASONS. Speaking of Margarito, what in blazes is this world coming to?

First, he bludgeons Miguel Cotto (and God knows who else before that) to submission with plaster-loaded wraps.

After he gets caught, he denies any knowledge of it. (I get it. The “Tijuana tornado” actually closes his eyes while his man wraps his hands.)

His license is then suspended for a year. In the meantime, the names on Manny’s card start to multiply.

I mean, who doesn’t want to earn at least $5 million, nowadays? Look at Joshua Clottey. He earned all that moolah doing nothing but trying to read the label on those gloves.

LUCKY GUY. Everybody wants a piece of Manny. There’s Miguel Cotto hankering for a rematch. Erik Morales, too, has joined the bandwagon. (It’s not a good idea Erik.

In fact, it’s an “El Terrible” idea. Unless of course, you’re just trolling for another San Miguel Beer commercial)

But whom did the ring gods favor?

Big, bad, plaster-master Antonio Marga-cheato! After committing a tortuous act which in our jurisdiction would probably have merited an attempted homicide or attempted murder charge, he is rewarded with the opportunity of a lifetime!

Apparently, in the Byzantine world of pro-boxing, this is how they reward treachery.

Is he lucky or is he lucky?

Sigh.. I’m beginning to question the bedrock of values that has been ingrained upon me.

You see, unlike Margarito, I’ve always tried to be a good boy.

I eat my vegetables, say my prayers, drink my vitamins, submit pleadings on time (usually), avoid arguments (sometimes) and love my wife and kids (always).

But nothing like Margarito’s luck has ever befallen this Last Rounder. Do nice guys really finish last?

GOOD GUYS. I mean, why not WBC welterweight champ Andre Berto who had to cancel his showdown with Shane Mosely in order to help rebuild earthquake-stricken Haiti?

Or how about WBA junior-middleweight champ Yuri Foreman, an aspiring Rabbi who after defeating Andrey Tsurkan, wished the television audience a happy Chanukah?

Yes, indeed. Why not those guys? Surely, they must have racked up a dozen or more points with the Man up there to deserve a shot at the Pacquiao lottery?

IN-HOUSE. Hmmm. Something must be afoot. Methinks it’s got nothing to do with luck, karma or meritocracy.

It’s all about who’s promoting who. Both Pacquiao and Margarito are Top Rank guys.

It’s an “in-house promotion” folks, as boxing writer Michael Marley terms it. Indeed, the devil is in the details.

LAST ROUNDS. Are on the UP LATAGAW BROTHERHOOD. Happy 35th anniversary brods. See you this Saturday, July 31, 4 p.m. at Boy Scout Camp, Capitol Hills for our celebration. Cheers!