ABOUT 50 nurses from various parts of the province were victimized by a Bacoleña recruiter who asked them to pay P100,000 each with the promise of the opportunity for finishing their nursing studies and finding employment in the United Kingdom.

Atty. Mamerto Cortez, head of National Bureau of Investigation (NBI)-Bacolod, said that his office will file charges for large-scale estafa and illegal recruitment against Jocelyn Dableo Lantron of Global Placement Provider Services after the NBI have received five complaints against her Monday.

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The company, whose office is located at the 3rd floor of St. Francis Building along Araneta St. in Bacolod City, also faces closure, Cortez said.

The complainants, mostly nursing graduates and nursing students, said that each of them had paid Lantron P100,000 in October 2009. Until now, she failed to send them to the UK.

Cortez said Lantron allegedly promised the nurses of visas as their passes for work in the United Kingdom. He said the NBI will verify the authority of Lantron to recruit with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and with the British Embassy for her authority to process student visas for their country.

At least five complainants came to the NBI office Monday and informed him that 50 of them have been victimized by Lantron, Cortez said.

One complainant disclosed that under the contract they signed with Global Placement, they could no longer take their money back whatever happens.

However, Cortez said that the victims could have their money back by going after the assets of the alleged illegal recruiter through legal procedures.

The mother of a nursing graduate who already paid the amount to Global Placement said that they filed their complaint before the NBI after they received information that Global Placement has opened its offices in Cebu and Davao.

She said the victims of the company have suffered so much because of the large amount of money allegedly swindled from them.

Other victims used to work in Hong Kong but gave up their employment but now can no longer return to their jobs there because they relied on the promises of the recruiter.

There were also spouses who ended up with marital conflicts because they have to face the responsibility for the money they borrowed just to pay the recruiter.

The victims easily fell prey to Lantron's promises because, in the past, her company had actually sent nurses to the UK as volunteers. In fact, the one-year contract of those who were sent abroad as volunteers is about to end this month.

One of the complainants disclosed that they can communicate with Lantron only through online means because she is now in UK but lately, she has not communicated with them anymore. (TED)