CONTRARY to the statement of 1-Utak, former Energy secretary Angelo Reyes disclosed that he was not informed of the junking of his nomination as first nominee of the party-list group.

On Tuesday, Reyes filed an opposition to the withdrawal of his nomination sought by the organization before the Commission on Elections (Comelec) last Monday.

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In his letter to the Comelec law department, Reyes reiterated that he was not informed of the withdrawal of his nomination.

“It must be noted that I was not informed by 1-Utak of the withdrawal of my nomination nor did I give consent to the same, more specifically to the alleged replacement in my stead by third nominee Homero Mercado,” he said.

Reyes added that he did not give 1-Utak officials the permission to replace him.

He said he sent letter to the poll body after 1-Utak chairman Vigor Mendoza challenged him to file a complaint.

Mendoza, who was the party’s second nominee, personally withdrew his nomination due to work commitments.

Earlier, 1-Utak said they want their organization to be represented in Congress and since the disqualification case against Reyes has yet to be resolved with finality, they chose to replace him with someone else.

For his part, citing a Supreme Court ruling, Reyes said 1-Utak's decision to substitute him was illegal as his consent to be replaced should be done in writing.

On the other hand, Comelec Commissioner Rene Sarmiento said this was the “first time to my recollection that we have a nominee that is resistant, who doesn't want to toe the line of the party”.

On July 23, the group, headed by lawyer Donald Diaz informed the Comelec that they are withdrawing the nomination of Reyes, based on Resolution No. 2010-12 of the party. (FP/Sunnex)