APALIT -- A suspected member of the Bukas Kotse Gang smashed the rear left side window of a black sedan parked along the parking lot of a fast-food chain here carting off several items and cash over the weekend.

The black Honda Civic car driven by Derby Meneses, 21, was parked along the parking area of Chowking located on the northbound lane of the North Luzon Expressway, Barangay Paligu here.

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At 8:05 p.m. Sunday Meneses discovered the rear left side window of the car was broken and the valuables inside were all missing.

Missing were a camera, cellular phone and cash amounting to P5,000.

The incident was not caught in the closed-circuit television camera of the establishment as the vehicle was parked beyond the reach of the camera.

Witness Pastor Dulfo Esteban told police that prior to the incident, he saw a man about five feet nine inches in height, with flat top hair cut, dark complexion, wearing a black t-shirt and short pants peeking at the window of the said vehicle.

The police are currently conducting a follow-up investigation and interview of the said witness in a bid to identify the suspect. (Ian Ocampo Flora)