IT DOESN'T seem so long ago when Allan Suarez took Camille Borromeo for his bride but then it has actaully been all of 25 years. Their loving children, Carlo, Andre and Aleena organized a celebration to remember, starting with a Thanksgiving Mass at the Archbishop’s Palace officiated by Msgr. Achilles Dakay and Msgr. Boy Alesna, followed by a cocktail/dinner reception at The Ballroom of the family-owned Cebu Grand Hotel.

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It was a happy gathering of family and close friends. Family VIPs in attendance were patriarch of the Suarez clan, Apolinar Suarez, and grand dame of the Borromeo family, Flora Villarcarlos Borromeo.

THE SUAREZ FAMILY. Front row: Jhoanna, Babie, Allan and Camille, Apolinar Suarez, Rose, Mylene and Andre. At the back are Alex, Edwin, Nina, Aleena, Carlo, Dolores and Odys.


The invitations were colorful and fun. Written on the front cover was the line “it’s gonna be a cheezy wedding!” David Chan and Raynie Tenageros wanted something unique, thus the aqua blue and hot pink invites. Their respective parents David and Tess Chan, and Ramon and Nilda Tenageros let them be, after all it was their wedding.

Venue of the afternoon rites was the Arctic Hall of the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel with Pastor Omar Franco as officiating minister. The assemblage moved to the Grand Pacific Ballroom for the formal dinner reception.