MANNY Pacquiao has been an unstoppable force in the ring, beating some of the best names out there. But Antonio Margarito’s new trainer, Robert Garcia, believes there is a possibility his ward will beat the world’s best boxer in November.

Garcia had only started working with Margarito in his comeback fight win over Roberto Garcia last May.

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But even if they have teamed up for only a brief period, Garcia is confident about the 32-year-old Mexican banger’s chances against Pacquiao.

“I’ve never called fights or predicted anything. I just know that Antonio will have the heart and the power and the conditioning to be a great champion and beat anybody out there,” Garcia told AOL Fan House.

“But I think that we can stop Pacquiao in the later rounds,” he added.

Garcia replaced Margarito’s old coach Javier Capetillo. Capetillo placed a hardening substance on Margarito’s hand wraps before his fight with Shane Mosley last year that led to the cancelation of Margarito’s US license.

Pacquiao and Margarito are scheduled to trade leathers for the vacant World Boxing Council light middleweight crown on Nov. 13 in Las Vegas, Mexico or Abu Dhabi.

“I believe the fight will be at a catch weight of 150 pounds, and it is no problem for Antonio. In his last fight, he came to camp 12 pounds over the weight he had to fight. Two weeks before the fight, he was already on weight,” said Garcia. “He will be a very strong fighter in there against Pacquiao.”

Margarito is known to most as a slugger but Garcia believes the former world champion is more than that.

“Margarito is a well-rounded fighter and he may pose as a threat to the No.1 pound-for-pound fighter.”