THE Marco Polo hotel in Davao, in line with the reopening of Lotus Court on August, chose a new supplier of vegetables, not from the Davao Region but from the Northern Mindanao.

According to a press release given on Wednesday, the Northern Mindanao Vegetables Producers Association (NorMinVeggies) is "an association of small growers and independent anchor farms in Misamis Oriental and Bukidnon."

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Marco Polo executive chef Ed Tuazon said that while NorMinVeggies did not sign a contract with the hotel, they are confident of the association's commitment to deliver only grade-A vegetables.

"We're the first vegetable association to organize ourselves," said Leo Eduria, manager of NorMinVeggies consolidation center.

He added that they're following strict production and harvesting schedules to ensure a continuous supply of high-quality vegetables to their buyers, including Marco Polo Davao.

"Our growers maintain a consistent system and a natural way of farming," Eduria said.

Marco Polo Davao general manager Nigel Fisher said in the press release that they are now sourcing 12 vegetable varieties from NorMinVeggies.

Along with Tuazon and Hong Kong chef Wong Hoi Ming (who will be training the staff of Lotus Court), Fisher showed the press an array of NorMinVeggies' bright and spotless vegetables. The basket contained cabbage heads, brocolli, cucumber and bell pepper, all bigger than the usual vegetables sold in the market.

Said association used to ship vegetables only to Metro Manila, Cebu, Bohol and Bacolod.

"Now we're here reposing ourselves to Davao, hopefully to gather more customers," said Eduria.

He added that one of their target markets are hotels and thus, he is happy to be supplying vegetables for Marco Polo.