THERE are organizations worth writing about and there are which merit only passing citation.

One particular aggrupation I want to pay tribute to is the well-organized Iglesia ni Cristo, a duly registered and incorporated entity which now has membership bases worldwide.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

Yesterday, members and non members remembered the founding anniversary of this prestigious organization, especially so in Mabalacat led by incumbent Mayor Marino "Boking" P. Morales and some officials. Also noted sending congratulatory notes were Angeles City Atty. Edgardo D. Pamintuan and San Fernando City's Oscar Rodriguez. Of course, not to be outdone, were good wishes from congressmen, provincial board members and mayors who are all members of the Pampanga Mayors League now headed by Candaba Mayor Jerry Pelayo.

As records show, the Iglesia ni Cristo was established in 1914 by revered Minister Felix Manalo whose birth falls on the same year. From then on, this stickler for discipline, loyalty and reverence to God Almighty, had grown by leaps and bounds and there is no looking back for this now very potent and influential organization which counts among its officers and members former and present top and well-meaning government officials.

I have observed at close range the movements of Iglesia members and officials and I can say without argument that they are self-effacing and are devoted to their cause, as they keep their hearts close to their sworn duty not only to their church and communities but to the Maker as well. If only other sects or religous groups can match the zeal that the Iglesia ni Cristo members or flock give their work and missions which by the way are well-attended even by members of other religious organizations. No wonder the number of the membership roster of the INC keeps on growing and expanding daily. We know fully well the reason or reasons why it keeps on getting new and additional adherents to the tenets and doctrines it espouses.

Of course, my close friends and those who know me fully well would not believe their eyes upon seeing this article but I did write this as a well-deserved tribute (in my eyes, of course) to this well-organized, well-disciplined and focused organization. It is a model or paragon of good management and organizational traits. It excels and its teachings reverberate throughout the world as its ministers are well informed and well read. Some of them are even sent abroad to improve on their ministerial skills and reservoir of talent and knowledge basically on the Bible teachings and scriptural doctrines.

* * *

By next month and by the time this column comes out, it will be the middle of the third quarter of the year and those who keep daily tabs of days past, it wont take long before the "ber" months will take center stage and by golly, it will be Christmas time again. How time flies! Tempus fugit.

Our new set of leaders must have, by this time, imbibed on the operations of their respective government units and are on their way to familiarizing themselves on the affairs of state.

Again, mayors of cities and municipalities, as emulating President Noynoy, will deliver their state of affairs: what has been done, what is being done and what will be done in the next three years.

For the reeelectionists like Mayor Boking, Oca and Romy Pecson, it will focus on projects ongoing and those to be accomplished in the coming months. The newcomers will probably take off on what was left behind by their predecessors. As always, the sensitive phase of the evaluation is on the finances or whatever is left to move the operations for the next six months or less. Whatever, a really good manager will and can steer the ship of state very deftly and out of the icy financial waters and come out successful as a proud ship captain, di ba, Administrator Rosan Paquia?

In the meantime, there are such a caboodle of things to accomplish and focus we must if we want good and positive results. Remember, President Noynoy has clearly set the mandate of good governance and he even promised to be the model of such frugal, prudent and transparent handling of the affairs of government. To his credit, he seems really bent on fulfilling his election and inaugural promises. Let us give him support and faith.

* * *

I'd like to thank the staff at Clark Development Corporation's (CDC) Customer Services Department headed by Rodem Perez and ably assisted by Edward Pinlac, Tess Romero and Dorsey Bernatia. Thanks a lot, guys.

By the way, who would be taking over President Benny Ricafort should a changing of guards materialize in the state-run CDC? Would I be faulted if I suggest that an insider be installed as the next chief, getting one from the ranks of the present EVP and the Vice Presidents? I know these are all capable and competent and they know the ongoing by heart. Should an insider be tapped for the corporation's presidency, morale of other officials and workers will be further bolstered and energized.