ANGELES City Mayor Edgardo “EdPam” Pamintuan could never have been triumphant in his 28 days--weekends included--in office, as he works double time finding solutions to the urbanized city’s debt problems, garbage woes and yes, rising crime.

But after the arrest, and not surrender as authorities clarified, of suspected serial killer Mark Dizon, EdPam had breathed a sigh of relief, exclaiming ‘Solved!’ and ‘Angeles City is safe, very safe,’ assuring Angeleños and foreigners they are well taken cared of.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

Indeed, the capture of the slay suspect is one burden off the mayor’s back. ‘Like a phoenix rising from the ashes,’ he often quips, ‘we would find ways to solve the problems we have inherited, even if we have to go under, go over, turn right, turn left. But we will never stop.’

Yes. EdPam has been so determined and his targets keenly on sight. Proof of the matter is that the serial slay case was solved in five days. And the city’s chief executive beamed with delight, congratulating and embracing city police chief Danilo Bautista. ‘And please do not forget our Citizens Crime Watch and non-government people like Rey Malig who were instrumental in solving the case. They are the heroes,’ he said.

So now the city can rest in peace. The thriving retirees’ haven could beat back to life sans the fear and unseen threats. Just in time we say, to clear away the worries for the August 27 forum of the League of Cities of the Philippines at Clark Freeport.

Solved. That’s one off your list, Mr. Mayor. On to the next.