CITY OF SAN FERNANDO--The City Government formed Task Force Illegal Structure (TFIS) in coordination with the public works office to remove structures that post imminent danger to the public.

The project was launched in response to the rainy season. According to city officials, the campaign would prevent unnecessary accidents caused by illegal structures like banner stands, oversized streamers, tarpaulins and billboards which commonly fall during heavy rainfall and storms.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

The campaign started Wednesday where the task force removed a tall billboard stand located at the Dolores Intersection.

On Monday, the drainage system along Jose Abad Santos Avenue was also inspected and repaired. A massive desilting of city drainage systems is also set.

An inspection along strategic locations of the city has also been scheduled to check whether entrepreneurs follow the prescribed sizes on outdoor advertising materials. (CSF/Pampu)