THE suds which appeared in a creek in Loakan Road continue to puzzle officials of the Environmental Management Bureau.

EMB-CAR Director Paquito Moreno said the suds are like foam from soap but do not emit a smell which could lead them to conclude it came from soap.

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Samples of the suds were brought to a laboratory in Clark for further tests.

The suds were discovered four weeks ago. Nearby residents suspect the suds came from factories located inside the Baguio City Export Processing Zone (BCEZ).

But Moreno said the suspicions are not conclusive. He said it is also possible the suds came from residential units near the creek where it was first reported.

Results of the tests will be known in three weeks. Moreno said they still have one more week.

In the meantime, he said the BCEZ management has extended its support to the investigation being done by the EMB.