THEY set out to help their employees earn extra but when the company saw that their workers were not active in selling their products, Surebright Manufacturing Industries

Inc. tapped corporations instead.

The shift, Eric Pacubas said, helped the firm grow into what it is today.

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Now, Surebright Manufacturing Industries Inc., is considering entering the consumer market.

Surebright is a family owned-Cebuano company that manufactures janitorial, household, industrial and commercial products.

Pacubas said the family started their business with just P500,000 and “heaps of courage and optimism” four years ago.

Its dishwashing products, toilet bowl cleanser, detergent powder and fabric conditioner are among Surebright’s products under the BioBright brand, which is 100 percent biodegradable.


“Offering our products to corporations allowed the company to increase its presence as our products are now used in the corporate market like laundry shops, restaurants and hotels. This helped us gain a good market share locally,” Pacubas said.

Surebright Manufacturing Industries Inc. is one of the subsidiaries of Accord Capital Link Corp. of the Pacubas family.

He said their determination to make the brand known in the market was one of the reasons that made the company grow despite other commercial brands in the market.

“The competition is quite stiff. Normally, consumers go after products which are known, established and have gained popularity in the market. But our edge, despite the presence of these commercial brands, is that we are 50 to 60 percent cheaper, it’s 100 percent biodegradable. It’s produced with quality and we are a Cebuano company,” he said.

He said the company also offers a “money-back guarantee scheme” to consumers.

Pacubas said that with their products slowly gaining popularity in the corporate market, Surebright is now strengthening its presence in the consumer market.

He said the company plans to place their products in small supermarkets around the city.


He said they are “bullish in targeting the household market this year.”

Surebright’s sales and marketing officer Cocoi Paster Manlangit said their Biobright products are currently available in Tita Guapa outlets and will be available in JY Square and Fooda next month.

“The plan is to strengthen the brand’s presence in the small supermarkets before tapping the malls,” he said.

Pacubas said the company is also considering expanding its product distribution to other areas in the country.

“Despite the presence of international brands, we still believe there is still room for locally-produced products, even in saturated areas like Luzon,” he said.

To cope with the growing demand, Surebright, which has a facility in Mambaling, plans to transfer to a bigger facility in Talisay within the year.