LA CASTELLANA Mayor Alberto Nicor ordered the local PNP personnel to eradicate all forms of illegal numbers game in the town.

Nicor made the order after he received information that there are jai alai betting at the boundaries of Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental, specifically in Barangays Biak na Bato and Masulog.

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The one operating in the area uses the tipster Speed which is also used all over the province for jai-alai betting.

Nicor disclosed that an operator whom he did not divulge approached him that they will operate jai alai in the town but the mayor said that he refused the proposition because the alleged operator has not shown legal papers to justify vouch for his supposed operation.

Nicor said that he does not allow any numbers game operation in the town and that if ever he decides to allow such operation, he would make sure that he will first consult his constituents and other municipal officials.

Those who would like to get permits for a betting station in the town would also need to pay fees depending on the Revenue Tax Code of the town, Nicor further emphasized.