A RUSSIAN Federation Naval Warship, "Moskva", docked in Manila South Harbor Thursday morning, two months after the visit of its training ship "Nadezhda".

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Armed with up-to-date and sophisticated weapon systems, this ship is one of the four latest warships of the Russian Federation.

"Moskva" is equipped with missile launchers which can be used for air, land, water, or underwater attacks. It also has a helicopter deck and hangar for Ka-25/26/27 series helicopters.

The 200-meter battleship has about 600 crews on board.

In an interview with Sun.Star, Captain Sergey Tronev said that the main reason of their visit is to replenish all the stocks of the warship and to strengthen ties with the Philippine Navy.

"This is a visit to allow the crew to rest and replenish all the stocks of the ship," he reiterated.

The vessels officers will pay courtesy calls to the Philippines' chief of naval command, Manila City Mayor, and Chief of Philippine National Police. The Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the Philippines will also host a cocktail on board.

"Moskva" just came from Indonesia where they took part on the Pacific Fleet and performed combat training and other cooperative activities.

According to Tronev, they are very much open to take part in military exercises with any other country including the Philippines.

Director Ross Sarmiento of RP's Naval Operating Center and Indonesia-based Captain Vladimir Balashov welcomed the entire "Maskvo" team.

According to Sarmiento, this visit is very much appreciated by the Navy because they will also get to see the best vessel equipment out there in the market.

"It's an opportunity for the navy to be exposed on modern technology and equipment. We are very glad to welcome them here in Philippines," he said.

On Saturday, "Moskva" is set to sail to it home port in Sevastopol, Russia. (Glaiza Jarloc/Sunnex)