ITS near fall and winter again so the runways of the fashion capitals of world are unveiling their new collection of fall/winter trends.

I want to give you a guide to what colors you should wear this coming fall and winter.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

These are the guides according to Loreal Academy.


* Skin

Undertone of yellow, porcelain, olive, beige, peach, light yellow beige, dark olive, gold bronze, pale skin, tanned skin, freckes.

* Eyes

Bright intense eyes

Pupil: green, light brown, turkey

Jade green, golden brown

* Hairy Style

Layered mid-length hair cut- volume - curly

Unsuitable hair style: too smooth hair, white hair that easily fades to dull gray

* Outfit

"Country" style: active and natural, riding suit, blue jean, rough fabric, leather, velvet, wool, flax, patch work effect, shawl and ethnic patterns

Color: from light to dark brown, yellow green, jade green, khaki, orange, apricot, salmon, intense color touch: orange red, blue green, yellow gold, moss green.

"Gorgeous" style: elegant, polished and provocative. Mysterious and fantastic, following rococo, high quality fabric, fur, high quality silk fabric, golden fabric, embroidery, marble print, cashmere design, needle work.

Color: gold, copper, yellow, sunflower, honey, yellow brown, brown, chocolate, orange, green dark, dark green, scarlet.

Color you should avoid: Pastel, pure white, black, bluish red, dark pink, lemon.

* Accessory

Shoes, bags, belt: Brown, brick, beige, bronze green, tinted white, blue green

Jewel: gold, pearl, ivoty, yellow jade, amber, coral...

Glasses: Gold-rimmed, horn-rimmed, wood, every color of plastic-rimmed

* Make up

Foundation: golden beige, skin tone ivory

Cheek bluster: red brown, salmon, copper, gold

Lipstick: salmon, terracotta, mahogany, scarlet, golden beige

Eye shadow: gold, copper, moss green, cognac, mud yellow

Colors you should avoid: Pink foundation, intense pink, lipstick, blue gray eyeshadow

* Perfume:

Sandal woold scent, cinnamon scent

Autumn colors are: Nut pine, moss, dry leaves, mud yellow, brown, olive green, green forest, orange red, ginger bread, blue green, blue porcelain, dark green, vanilla, tinted white, red yellow, mustard


* Skin

Undertone of pink, blue or yellow seeking, variation from cold blue porcelain to golden yellow bronze. When the face is clear the pale facial tone and the dark hair create strong contrast. Light beige or non gloss beige. Continuous and intense tanning for dull or dark beige skin.

* Eyes

Deep eyes.

Pupil: dark brown, black, green or clear blue

* Outfit

"stand aloof from the generation" style: natural elegance, neat, masculine fabric: light flannel, woolen fabric: light flannel, woolen fabric, raincoat, check print, fine check print, fine stripe print, simple and chic style

Color: prefer dark tone, dark navy blue

Simple and natural color, gray, blue water, icy pink, bluish red, indigo, pine green or classic beauty of red purple

"Avant-garde" style: unisex style, attention - drawing wear, rich in dramatic colors: black dress with big jewel, red suit, sparkling metal accessory, synthetic fiber, artificial fur, leather, geometrical print, wide stripe, surrealistic paintings from futuristic silhouette

Colors you should avoid: Pastel, maroon (chestnut), green, khaki, orange, mustard

* Accessory

Shoes, bags, belt: Navy blue, gray, black, red purple, dark green

Jewel: silver, diamond, gray horn-rimmed, clear or every color of plastic-rimmed

* Make up

Foundation: beige skin tone

Cheek bluster: bluish pink, deep pink, dark red, dark pink

Lipstick: deep pink, very bright clear red, dark red or every color of pink

Eye shadow: gray, bluish violet, violet, dark purple

Colors you should avoid:

Golden foundation, orange or strong copper lipstick

* Perfume

Fresh and pungent new scent, strong and unique scent that feels warmer against cold colors, strong scent

* Winter colors are: Intense blue, blood red, yellow, deep pink, silver, white tone, purple, red purple, lemon

Have a great day!

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