A NEW set of officers, led by Dancesport Team Cebu City founder Eduard Hayco, will take over the Cebu City Sports Commission.

The group, composed of a mix of sportsmen from different fields, was formally appointed last Wednesday when Mayor Mike Rama signed their papers. The group also had their first meeting yesterday.

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“The sports commission meeting went quite well. We took up a lot of matters and all the members were very enthusiastic. I’m glad and relieved to be working with this

group,” said Hayco, who will be the new CCSC chairman.

Vice Mayor Joy Young, himself a sportsman and former education consultant who is also a member of the commission, said they had to follow certain criteria in the selection of the appointees.

“Everyone fit the criteria we set. We wanted everyone to have knowledge in and exposure to any sport and have management experience,” said Young, who will be joined by Councilors Yayoy Alcoseba and Joey Daluz and Rengel Pelayo in the CCSC.

The other members of the team are journalist Nimrod Quiñones, Ryan Aznar, Andrew Choachuy, Brian Lim, Tony del Prado and Chao Sy.

Hayco is the author of the city’s success story of DTCC, which has propagated a system of grassroots development for dancesport.

Quiñones is the pillar of Cebu sportswriting and has been involved in several sports development programs in the city.

Aznar is the athletic director of Southwestern University and was the regional point person of the Private Schools Amateur Athletic Association. He is also a member of the Cebu Volleyball ASsociation (Ceva). Choachuy, an official of Ceva has been involved in several events including basketball.

Lim is one of the reasons for the popularity of flag football in Cebu, while Tony del Prado is the taekwondo regional head who has been working on the development of local athletes. Sy, meanwhile, has been involved with basketball.

“The commission will focus on grassroots sports development,” said Hayco adding they will meet again on Aug. 10 for strategic planning with sports directors and the commission.

“We will do our best to synchronize sports training and competition from the sitio to the barangay level. We will manage the funds allocated for sports very prudently and judiciously. We think that is the role the commission needs to play.”