CANDABA - At least 2,000 children on Friday benefited in the distribution of "Vita Sangkap" by the World Food Program (WFP) in coordination with the Municipal Nutrition Committee at Ms. Earth Park in Barangay Mandasig here.

Provincial Nutrition Action Officer Rustica Butiu said Vita Sangkap, a micro nutrient powder that contains 10 vitamins and five minerals, is freely distributed to six to 24 months old.

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"One pack of Vita Sangkap is mixed with one meal of the child every day. Every child was given one box of Vita Sangkap containing 30 sachets good for one month," she added.

A representative from WFP said "You don't have to have a special meal to be mixed with the Vita Sangkap, a usual meal is enough to have the important nutrients and vitamins for our children."

Butiu said there are only three towns in the province that were selected for the program. The towns include Candaba, San Luis, and Masantol.

Governor Lilia Pineda attended the occasion together with Provincial Board Members Ricardo Yabut (fourth district), Monina Laus (third district), and Trina Dizon (third district).

Candaba is lucky for being a beneficiary of the "Vita Sangkap" by the World Food Program because nowadays, children really need vitamins and due to difficulty of living, parents sometimes can't buy this," Pineda said.

This year's nutrition month carries the theme: "Sa pagkaing tama at sapat, wastong timbang ni baby ang katapat." The theme focuses on the importance of complementary feeding as a strategy to prevent under-nutrition especially among children.

It can be noted that Section 7 of Presidential Decree No. 471 or Nutrition Act of the Philippines designates the month of July as Nutrition Month to generate awareness among the public on the importance of nutrition. (Herbert P. Mapiles)