THE City Government of Makati had given another seven days for the management of West Tower Condominium to siphon off the water, believed to be mixed with petroleum, at the building’s basement.

Makati City Engineer Nelson Morales said the City Government decided to extend the deadline after condominium residents made an appeal, citing the apparent mismanagement and their lack of financial resources to meet the deadline.

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“We understand the situation of the unit owners who apparently have been abandoned by their building administrator. We will give the building management until Friday next week, but there will be no more extension," he said.

The first deadline expired Thursday with the management of the condominium failing to meet the conditions set forth by the City Government.

“Should the management again fail to meet the new deadline, the city will have no other recourse but to revoke the condominium’s occupancy and building permit,” he added.

Earlier, the city engineer said the condominium management had been negligent and allowed water to accumulate at the basement. The water had prevented authorities from fully determining the cause of the gas leak which has forced the city to order an evacuation of the building.

Morales said city engineers uncovered a possible violation of the National Building Code on the part of the building administration.

He said that under the law, buildings are required to have a separate motor for their sewerage treatment plant (STP). But in the case of West Tower, the condominium apparently did not have a functioning motor for their STP.

Morales said after city engineers ordered the building management to shut off the motor for the sump pit, the water from the STP began to rise which should not have happened had there been a separate functioning motor.

“If found guilty of violating building code provision for inadequate maintenance of mechanical equipment, the City Engineer’s Office can order the closure of the building.”

As of Friday, Morales said there was no more smell of gasoline in the basement.

But with the smell of gasoline returning to the area outside the condominium, the city warned that the management may be cited for improperly disposing the mixture of petroleum and water from the basement. (AH/Sunnex)