GLOBE Business, the corporate arm of Globe Telecoms, recently offered its Negostar deals, a package of communication tools, to small and medium enterprises (SME) in Cebu.

“We believe that every SME can be a Negostar with the right support and partner to help them achieve their goals. Globe Business understands the needs of SME and we’ve created new business tools that would particularly help them realize cost efficiency,” said Ailene Averion, head of corporate and SME segments marketing at Globe Business.

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The Negostar deals are communication tools created by Globe Business Corporate and SME for entrepreneurs to address SMEs’ need for cost efficiency. These new business tools were featured at the Negostar Fair held last Thursday at the Cebu City Marriott Hotel.

Good mix

“Industry-wise, Cebu has a lot of manufacturers and artists. There is a good mix of large and smaller businesses here and we wanted to offer solutions to these market segments,” Averion told reporters.

She added these new business tools packaged by Globe Business to SMEs address the need of some SMEs who struggle in marketing and expanding their markets.

Averion said they tapped the provincial areas where the most number of SMEs are found.

The Negostar Fair in Cebu is the ninth leg. It rolled out its Negostar fair in places like Baguio, Cabanatuan, Pampanga and Davao cities, among others.

Unlimited calls

Among Globe’s business tools is the Biz Laptop Bundle, which offers an affordable laptop and broadband deal that allows SMEs to avail themselves of a netbook for only

P499 per month with a broadband subscription. Its Biz Loop 99 is the lowest- priced postpaid plan, which offers unlimited calls to all Globe and Touch Mobile subscribers at P99 per month.

Negostar also provides an easy-to-use complete solution for supply chain management with its Inventory Ordering System (IOS). IOS enables inventory and sales monitoring, automated invoicing and procurement as well as allows orders and reports via SMS or Web, all in a web-based and self-service setup.

Aside from this, Globe Business also offers global position system (GPS) tracker, a solution that will enable SMEs, specially those in the delivery business, to monitor their vehicles in real-time using GPS, a navigation system.

Globe also offers WebEye, a digital security system that enables business owners to view their branches through computers or mobile phones. It also features a motion detector system, video recording and security features, and allows video conferencing.

Other communication solutions offered are the TxtConnect and Business Plus. TxtConnect is a text broadcast service that can send messages to up to a thousand pre-registered recipients. This enables SMEs to announce a sale and market their products and

services or even provide updates and information to employees.

Business Plus, on the other hand, is a customized postpaid plan that enables SMEs to choose the mobile services that best suit them.

This allows them to put together their preferred plans and pay only for what they need. This offers include unlimited call, texts, mobile browsing and business loop, as well as Duo and Superduo.

Globe Telecom reported a net income after tax of P2.9 billion in its first quarter, which is nine percent higher than that of the last quarter. Its corporate data business remained resilient given the continued expansion of the business process outsourcing and services sector.