IN CELEBRATION of the 155th birthday of our great-mother Enrica "Tana Dicang" Alunan Lizares, Adrian "Adjie" Lizares had a three-man exhibit in his Captana Gallery in Talisay City, which as the name connotes is dedicated to the grand matriarch of the Alunan-Lizares clan.

As always well-attended, there were more than a hundred guests who came to enjoy and buy some of the pieces. It is very interesting to note that many are really embracing the new breed of young artists that are emerging. Even our local artists were so visible to give their support and also to learn new ideas from fellow artists.

In partnership with Albert Avellana who curates all exhibits in the gallery, Adjie featured three young artists who are products of TUP or the Technological University of the Philippines. Titled Secrets and Silence 2, the first was held in Albert's Gallery in Manila in 2007.

There is Joey Cobcobo is a Cum Laude graduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Advertising at the Technological University of the Philippines. Born in Pangasinan and half Igorot from the Mountain Province, Cobcobo traces indigenous roots in his works as painter, printmaker, and sculptor. In 2009, he was selected as Winner in the Philippine Art Award in the National Capital Region and was short-listed in the Ateneo Art Award. Joey's medium is hand-made paper and his theme for this show focused on pets basically dogs who he believes are man's best friend and our blessings!!!

Then there is Lynyrd Paras who earned his degree in Fine Arts from the Technological University of the Philippines as well. He was the National Commission for Culture and The Arts Sinugdanan Program Grantee in 2007. He bagged the Grand Prize in the 1st GSIS Museum National Painting Competition, Student Category in 2007 and was a finalist in the Philip Morris Philippine Art awards one the same year 2007. For Lynyrd, his life is all for his art. Every painting holds something of himself: 1 percent his skill, 99 percent his heart. Every piece that comes out of his studio becomes his raison d'etre, so much so that all other commitments become secondary. Lynryd showed portraitures in his exhibit.

Then there's Ryan Rubio who is also another honor student from TUP. Ryan likes to paint layers upon layers of thick paint to produce a final visible surface founded on tactile memories of the distant past: his youth. There is something quite ethereal in his works and to the inquisitive mind there is mystery.

Joey, Lynryd and Ryan have exhibited their works in major galleries in the country and have earned awards and distinctions, not only in the Philippines, but in prestigious auction houses in Hongkong and Singapore as well. You will have a chance to see their works until September 4 in the Capitana Gallery in City of Talisay.

One thing I have learned from artists, life is not just a matter of black and white or a myriad of colors. Life is several shades from pale to robust. Life is a series of chapters plastered on top of another. Life is like as they say about Ryan paintings: "painted layers upon layers of thick paint to produce a final visible surface founded on tactile memories of the distant past........our youth.