WHAT do boxing and "bulang" have in common.

Both start with a b and end in ng.

These two are the only steady sports held at Pagcor Casino Hotel at Golden Commercial Complex.

Unlike jai alai and daily double where the bettors are being chased upon, boxing and "bulang" seem to be the favorite by afficionados and "kristos". That's double standard for you__ what's inside the casino is legal. Outside, except for lotto, you have to contend with the law.

So, if you are tired of standing at Libertad market billiard pools betting for local upcoming cue experts (and con artists too), be at the Casino on August 1 for the Double Championship Blow by Blow.

Presented by JR Eagle Promotions of Rev. Henry Guanzon and authorized by the Games and Amusement Board, take a look at the match up below.

You may not be familiar with these young pugilists but they are professionals trying to make a living and a name for themselves. Who knows one of them will become another Manny Pacquiao.

Although the possibility is remote as there is only one Pacman whose achievement will be too hard to duplicate, we don't know the destiny of these brawlers with finesse.

While one solid punch may end the career of one, it might have not crossed their minds. Who cares and who have time to worry?

If you are chasing a dream, there is nothing that will stand you in your way. Except perhaps, the father of the girl you have fathered is aiming a shotgun down under your belly. Or your future mother-in-law has a talibong poised to cut your neck.

These brothers of the punching bags have already said goodbye to the millions in incentives for aspiring amateurs aiming for the first boxing gold. No more dream of becoming another Onyok Velasco or Anthony Villanueva. Just to be among the rated boxers in RP is enough consolation plus the prize and the fame that go hand in hand with the lumps and bruises after every fight.

Good luck boys and God bless. Stay loose and remain undefeated.

Just remember __ quitter never wins and winners never quit.

Think of your own Jinky and the rest of Manny's favorites.