MANILA -- The ascension of President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III last June gave mixed signals to the country’s job market, from renewed optimism to a more discriminating recruitment process.

Online recruitment firm said post-election stability brought by the successful automated elections and the peaceful transition of power prompted investors and companies to post more job openings and hire individuals for their growing businesses.

“We had a peaceful transition of power and the investors had a positive response on it. Before the elections, the investors adopt the usual wait-and-see attitude but now we have seen that hiring trend is picking up again. In fact, we have 6,600 unique job openings posted everyday in the site as compared in the past months,” Jayjay Viray, managing director, said in an interview.

Based on the site’s in-house research, the jobs that will stay “in-demand” regardless of the economic status are in sales, marketing, human resource and administration, finance and accounting, and information technology.

Despite the unexpected 7.3 percent economic expansion reported in the first quarter, the government said the number of unemployed Filipinos stood at 3.1 million last April.

Viray said that the US-led global economic slowdown have also affected the preferences of both the candidates and employers, in terms of manpower selection and job offers, respectively. (Virgil Lopez/Sunnex)