TRAFFIC Management Center (TMC) chief Desiderio Cloribel said he has started "the clean-up of the city's streets" by making sure there will be personnel to monitor loading and unloading areas.

Cloribel, who was assigned to his position last week, said he concentrated on clearing up busy sidewalks where foot traffic is high and rearranging loading and unloading areas.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

"We have started cleaning our streets. Those in busy sidewalk, we already told vendors not to set there; other vendors were totally removed there. We also conducted cleaning operations, rearranged, and put in order the areas in Panacan and Tibungco, Aplaya. But the problem is if there is no one monitoring the areas, those hard-headed will come back again. That's why the important thing is, I have sent my message, that our personnel should be alert," Cloribel said in an interview Wednesday during the inauguration of the Public Safety and Command Center.

Cloribel also did not hesitate rate himself, saying he's at four in a one to 10 rating.

"Andito pa ako sa four, I have to admit that marami pang gagawin and we will do that. Kung disciplined naman yung drivers they can expect that they will be respected by our traffic enforcers. Kung mga responsible citizens, they should be able to obey the rules of simple yes or no," Cloribel said.

Cloribel also said in line with assessing the performance of the TMC personnel, he will closely consider whom he will recommend to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) to be trained to become authorized enforcers for traffic violations. (Jade C. Zaldivar)