IT'S not new. It's a newly opened branch and we were there because we were hungry and because I wanted to know if this more accessible branch offers the same quality of food they offer in this residential house turned restaurant along Lacson Street (better known as the street along MacDonald's in Victoria).

I guess you know what I'm referring by now. Even if you don't, I'm gonna tell anyway, it's Papa Ching's and it now has a much bigger branch along Tulip Drive in Ecoland just outside SM City Davao. It's not just big, it has a lot of tables and chairs to boot. So the Dabawenyos who crave for what was then known as Molave's greaseless fried chicken can binge anytime and be assured of a table.

It was a test of self-restraint for all three starved friends.

"Huwag mag-oorder kung gutom," Trisha said, although we didn't have any choice. We were hungry and we had to order.

And so we settled with just half a greaseless fried chicken to be divided among us three, an order of lechon kawali, adobong kangkong (for some healthy touch), and garlic rice.

Restrained as we were, we were served a big feast even for three very hungry ladies since orders there are for sharing and not for individuals. Cheap too. And yes, just as yummy as ever (although our hunger pangs may be a little bit biased there).

But, I swear, their greaseless chicken is just as Dabawenyos want their greaseless chicken to be, and the lechon kawali was so sinful. The garlic rice was generously dotted with toasted garlic, while the adobong kangkong was a perfect bed for the chicken and pork.

It was a quiet night though, when we were there. It was a Monday, what would we expect? There was just us and a table of four young men. A few minutes later, a couple entered to partake of greaseless chicken as well. That couple must have been more starved than us. They finished fast.

While whiling the time away, we couldn't help but split hairs over the prayer printed on the table number holder.

"Thank you Lord for this food that we are about to partake, sanctify it in our body Amen..." the prayer reads.

"Sanctifying the food doesn't quite sound right. I don't feel comfortable chomping on sanctified something. Sanctify our body, yes, but food? You know food? It's gonna end up somewhere where sanctity would be among the word you'd think of," we pondered. But maybe that's just our gastric juices pretending to be braincells, chomping out words instead of food. Or maybe it's the lechon kawali rendering us dumb because we have succumbed to our greatest weakness and binged on excess cholesterol once again. Maybe it's the cholesterol... maybe...