UNBEATEN World Boxing Organization light welterweight champion Timothy Bradley, who is eyeing a fight with Manny Pacquiao, thinks Antonio Margarito won’t be a match for the Filipino.

Bradley has been longing for a megabuck payday against Pacquiao, but he’ll just sit it out for now and watch from the sidelines as a spectator. He says a fight between Pacquiao and him will be competitive, unlike the one against the Mexican.

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“He’s a straightforward fighter who will stand in front of Manny Pacquiao and Pacquiao will just catch him with clean shots. You have to give Pacquiao angles. You can’t just stand in front of him. That’s why people are running from Tim Bradley, because I’m unpredictable,” the 26-year-old world champion told Boxingscene.com.

Bradley issued a challenge to Pacquiao to face him after his unanimous decision victory over Luis Abregu last month but his plea fell on deaf ears.

Bradley said Margarito will suffer the same fate as another slugger who faced Pacquiao—Ricky Hatton.

“Margarito is going to sleep. If he doesn’t, he’s going to get beat down. Pacman is too quick for him,” he said.