Director's Cut: (This portion features the thoughts of DepEd 11 Regional Director Susana Teresa B. Estigoy, Ceso IV to all stakeholders and recipients of the efforts to improve the basic education) I do not consider my job as plain work -- rather it is my LIFE. "We have to continually examine what succeeds and fails, and why. We have to uphold and live true to our battlecry and slogan of governance: "Education For All (EFA) 2015: Karapatan ng Lahat, Pananagutan ng Lahat"

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

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UPON each commencement of a course, a work or a curriculum year for students, chances are formidable challenges come with it.

The first few days would be a case of entertaining wild thoughts of regretting to have it taken, uncertainty of the coming days to come with increasing challenges and the worst decision of quitting.

If those are the things that bothered you when you have done whatever you have started in, those are just normal things -- the so called birth pains. What is not normal is when you start entertaining these wild thoughts and go to the wave of the worst decision of quitting without contemplating on the steps -- positive and doable ones to combat those bitter realities of beginning.

You might be saying that you have prepared well for it. You have offered novenas and numerous mass intentions and even had a pray over just to succeed. You made yourself very much ready to face whatever challenges that may come ahead.

But the reality is sometimes far from what we have expected. It is the reality that we have to face and it is the reality that will renew our vigor, our spirit to carry on despite the stiff challenges.

By saying novenas and offering intentions in masses and praying unceasingly all day and night it means you believe in the Creator. If so, do your share, face the reality and never entertain the thoughts of quitting for if you do, you might be believing with the gods of darkness.

To avoid those evil thoughts to engulf you into a total disregard of your future -- as it is at stake in whatever you do for the first time, let me share to you my thoughts based on experience.

First, pause for a moment, have a deep breath and let your mind work to tell you why those things are coming in.

Second, think of the best way that you can cope with the negative thoughts and transforming it to hope and the desire to succeed. Remember, you have prepared for it well. Try all resources to help you do the required assignments or requirements and always be one step ahead of the others. Do not rely on what you can do in the office or school on the very day that you will supposed to be there but always think ahead and come with a clear understanding and preparation a day or two ahead before the actual activity is to be done.

In that way, you will just enhance and to the extent perfect whatever task or assignment to be given to you that day. There is no harm and will do you so much benefits if you are always prepared and have a clear understanding of what lies ahead in the next day or two to come.

Do it consistently and make it just what we are always doing it since three weeks ago -- make it a way of life.

Nasa Diyos ang awa, nasa tao ang gawa.

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Mr. Lorenzo E. Mendoza, M.A. is connected with DepEd Regional Office 11 and currently on study leave.