ANGELES CITY -- The City Government of Angeles on Friday bared its program to boost tourism in the highly urbanized city.

New City Tourism Officer Carla Lopez-Pichay said that the tourism infrastructure development program aims to "connect" various communities in the province through a unified scheme consisting of uniform path walks and lamp posts.

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Lopez-Pichay said foreign communities in the city will be linked together by an infrastructure plan designed by Delfin Lee's Globe Asiatique pool of architects and engineers.

The project will be implemented with the city's stakeholders and partners, including recreation and leisure establishment owners.

Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan said that it was the right time to spur the city's tourism and conduct the necessary makeover.

"We were known in Asia before as the entertainment capital. We should be able to do this again and bring back life to our business and entertainment centers. I am very happy that our partners are up to the call and challenges of this project," he said.

Lee, for his part, said that the design will give a distinct character for each community.

"Everything will be customized. From the path walks to the lamp posts as well as sculpture and markers. It will give the city the new life it needs," Lee said. (Jovi T. De Leon)