THE real opponent of B-Meg Derby Ace was Kris Aquino. Not San Miguel Beer.

Result: Derby Ace lost. To San Miguel Beer.


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OK, it was coincidental, but not incidental, though.

James Yap and Kris Aquino, the country’s most famous couple, had a fight.

Next thing we knew, Kris Aquino was off flying to America.

Fine, fine.

But Kris Aquino, the Queen of Talk in Philippine showbiz, towed with her Baby James, her son sired by James Yap.

Another son of Kris Aquino’s was with the entourage—Joshua, sired by the award-winning actor Phillip Salvador.

She left as a result of The Spat with James Yap.

The Spat was coincidental because it happened weeks before Derby Ace was to fight for survival in the PBA Fiesta Conference.

It became incidental because anything outside of basketball should never mess around with the business of basketball.

LQs—that’s lovers’ quarrels, in case you think jejemon is dead—are a no-no to a player out to win a war.

They argued that James Yap had a mission not matrimonial in nature. So, he must focus on the matter at hand.

But then, since when is marriage—the state of being married—not a factor in an athlete’s life?

Maybe, the Pope is right: Priests must remain unmarried or the Church might collapse under the bedsprings of matrimonial bliss?

In Crispa’s heyday in the PBA, Danny Floro, the legendary manager of the Redmanizers, would do anything to give peace of mind to his stars on the eve of a championship clash. Even when he knew he was being duped, he’d relent.

Like one time, a star came to him in the dead of night and said, “Boss, my wife couldn’t sleep. Our aircon conked out.”

Danny Floro had his aircon removed from his own room and delivered to the player’s home pronto!

They won the next day and clinched the crown.

James Yap, so close to his only son, wasn’t with his son all series long against SMB.

And you expected him to tow Derby Ace to the finals?

No son. No wife. No nothing.

In the recent World Cup, some stars had been allowed to sleep with their wives on the eve of crucial matches. Each time they did, they won.

Know what I mean?