BAGUIO wushu artists capped another scintillating performance grabbing the overall title in the recently 2010 Wushu Federation of the Philippines (WFP) National Open Championship at the Rizal Memorial Coliseum.

Taulo bets from different clubs coming from the Summer Capital amassed 20 gold, 14 silvers and 14 bronze medals in the tournament aimed at discovering new talents.

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Wushu Discovery went second overall with seven gold medals, six silvers and two bronze medals, while Philippine Taiji Club got two gold medals and Willy Wushu Center had one gold in the two-day event.

Baguio's amazing gold medal rush was started by Faith Liana Andaya and Michael Angelo Marcelo who copped two gold medals each in the tournament organized by WFP Secretary-General Julian Camacho.

Andaya topped the female san lu quan event with 8.83 points and female long weapon with 8.45, while Marcelo scored 8.75 to earn the male san lu quan and male tai ji jian where he scored 8.71.

Kariza Kris Chan also took two gold medals when she dominated the female tai ji jian with 8.78 score and female tai ji quan with 8.70 points to follow the two fellow athletes.

Other gold medalists for Baguio were Daniella Krista Irmscher (female tai ji quan); Martina Apostol (female tai ji quan); Jean Salazar (male nan quan); Thorton Sayan (male nan quan) and John Chan (male chang cuan).

Others were Kath Sabulburo (female chang cuan); Jane Valencirena (female tai ji quan); Dave Salazar (male short weapon); Vanessa Chan (female short weapon); John Chan (male short weapon) and Alexcis Gomez (female short weapon); Maria Zabala (female tai ji jian) and Dave Salazar (male long weapon).

Also winning the silver medals were Jacob Jec Razel Addagan (nan quan male group B) and Mark Reginald Guidangen (nan quan male group C).

La Trinidad based Arsitotle Estino also bagged two silvers for the 42 steps Taiji jian and 42 steps taiji-quan while Grace Bayao, also of La Trinidad took the seniors 42 steps taiji-quan while promising 17 year old Angelica Mae Gallego, another La Trinidad-based Taulo bet took the silver in the chang quan events.

Bronze medalists from Baguio were Engelbert Addongan, Abel Baclangen, Eddie Lloyd Kelly, Mary Joyce Wally, and Mark Reginald Guidangen.

La Trinidad wushu athletes who also took the bronze medals were siblings Alieson Ken and Kenie Neven Lee-Omgenan.