THE gifted will always come first because they start young.

Art can be an inborn talent yet anyone who has interest can become an artist. This is because the skill pertaining to art can be taught and learned, then acquired as a second nature. 

It is a milestone for any teenager to mount a solo art exhibition. Beatrix Marie Tan is already there. She is a senior high school student at the Sacred Heart School-Ateneo de Cebu. At 15 years old, she’s painting in earnest. 

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She was launched as a full-fledge artist with her first solo exhibit, entitled “New Dimension,” at the SM Art Center. Prior to her solo outing, she staged a series of two-woman shows—mother-daughter, in fact. 

Beatrix started painting at the moldable age of seven. During pastime, she is fond of sketching anime characters and portraits. Acrylic is her chosen medium. 

The paintings in her solo exhibit are animated by lines and playful interplay of colors that are very child-like, but not childish. A serious start for a life-long profession, don’t you think?