BEING a mother is certainly not an easy task but a plain housewife has weathered all the challenges as she was able to raise her four children and sent them to school through a rather odd business -- networking.

Julie M. Olinan, 61, a wife of a government employee, is an active marketing agent of Infin8, a networking company selling coffee products with several herbal mixes.

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Olinan says she was forced to go into networking and sell herbal products when her eldest child, Melissa Marie, was born "slightly unhealthy." Melissa is now married and is working as head of an accounting office.

All her other children are already professional. Noreen Christine is a registered nurse while Mark Joseph is a registered Chemical Engineer and April

Lourdes is an accountant. They are now living with their own respective families with stable income.

With her motto "Believe and you will see," Olinan is an example of a successful businesswoman who earns big through networking.

She started with several networking companies which helped her finance the school fees of her children.

"Now, that I'm here with Infin8, I believe I would still earn much more than that of my previous companies," she shares.

Olinan says housewives and other interested individuals can start their own business with Infin8 with a capital of only P560, which comes with two boxes of coffee products and a beauty soap.

"They can sell the products and roll their capital until such time that he or she will now be able to finance more registrations of another P560. Infin8 is infinite in income where a businessman could purchase three or more heads that eventually will also earn for him or her. It's a lifetime membership with product purchase discounts of up to 30 percent. No more membership renewal," Olinan says.

Infin8, according to her, gives 10 percent direct referral bonuses to an agent, pairing bonuses and rebates on repeat purchases.

She says with Infin8, a meager capital of P560 would give "unbelievable figures."