HAVAIANAS, the world’s favourite flip-flops brand, made sure every man can find the perfect pair. The fact that they are considered high quality, durable and comfortable is another huge selling point. Men have been attracted by this feature in particular; they have become just as captivated with Havaianas as women.

But 18-year-old Hermogenes Galang III thinks he’s just trending along with the crowd.

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“I only invested on a pair of Havaianas to compare with my Spartan slippers,” he said “I must say I’m more comfortable with my Spartan but since this slipper is what’s IN today, I’m forced to wear it.”

Leanne Florendo, managing director of A.L. Amizade Marketing Inc., the exclusive sub-distributor of Havaianas in Eastern and Central Visayas , says that men, being the practical shoppers that they are, have learned that there is a value in the product which is why more and more men are buying Havaianas.

“We realize that the growth is actually based on the fact that men have already gone past the whole impression that Havaianas is nothing but a fashion trend,” she said.

“They realize that Havaianas serves as a comfortable pair of flip-flops and is a cut above the rest of the others. It’s not just an overpriced pair of flip-flops.”

The appeal of this footwear is not the only good news that goes along with the trend.

Its versatility holds even greater attraction and that’s why anyone could see most men taking their flip-flops not just around malls and walks in the park, but to beaches and restaurants.

“The fad of having a pair of Havaianas is what made me buy them,” said Anton Quintos, a business administration student at the University of San Carlos-Main. “Although, compared to other slippers, they don’t easily fall apart. Even if it’s a bit expensive, the quality and designs of these flip-flops will surely make up for the price.”

While he does think Havaianas is affordable and praiseworthy, USC-Technological Center nursing student Mon Malayang says anyone would be instantly cool if they’re wearing the glow-in-the-dark Havaianas.

These flip-flops are fashionable indeed, and are a snug way to look trendy yet stay comfortable. So why not invest in your own custom-made pair in the upcoming Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH)? With 22 colors of soles and 19 straps to choose from, plus 13 special pins to decorate it, The MYOH 2010 event at the SM Northwing Atrium promises you an overall brand experience.

“When you walk in and walk out of it, you get the total brand experience and you walk away happy, you walk away content, and you walk away knowing that you made your own Havaianas,” Florendo said.

The brand truly takes your feet, your budget and your creativity a long, long way. (Caryl Vangeli A. Montera, STC AB Comm/MeC III)