THE recent spate of killings at Angeles City finally came to an end. Mark Dizon was tagged as the one behind the gruesome killing of several persons including foreigners living in Angeles City.

It can be recalled that last July 12, Geoffrey Bennun and his live-in partner, Abigail Helina, were found decomposing at their house in Barangay Anunas. As per investigation, missing from them was a laptop, a camera and a mobile phone.

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Again, on July 16, the bodies of British James Porter and his live-in partner Melisa Madarang were found riddled with bullets at their house in Sta. Maria Subdivision, Barangay Balibago.

Subsequently, on July 22, Albert Mitchell and his wife Janet Andrenada were also found lifeless at Barangay Malabanas. In the crime scene were Isabel Fajardo, Marissa Prado, and Boy Vergara, their househelps were likewise found dead at Barangay Malabanias.

A total of nine dead in just more than two weeks resulted from a gun-toting 28-year old techno-geek. He was identified as the serial killer after policemen's effort finally reaped their couple of weeks toil looking for traces in the cold blood murders of the said persons.

Dizon has the wit and the talent of befriending people with his capacity as a computer technician. He lured his preys into fixing their computers and later on go along with them as a good young guy. Little did the victims knew that they were facing their executioner.

The killer is too young to be called such. While he has the strength of being young, he was brave enough to stomach what he has done.

He is a gun aficionado, using his 9 millimeter toy, he ruthlessly embedded bullets into his helpless "friends".

Why in the world that Dizon has the guts to be a criminal at a young age? Are the action stars his idols? Does he hold resentment against foreigners? Or he was merely drunk with greed that forced his to rob his subject?

The Angeles City business community expressed concern over what was happening then at the bustling city of angels. Of course, their investments and their business interest would be affected. No investors would want to put in their trade in an area where peace and order is a problem. Crimes shoo away business opportunities. Not to mention their fear for their lives.

The networking site Facebook was instrumental to the identification of Dizon. He was shown at that internet site brandishing his guns while at a grin. It was perhaps to portray a "macho" image why he displayed his "toys" to show literally to the whole world that he has power to take one's life with his guns.

With the number of guns he has, he could have joined law enforcement and practiced his skills and bravery of killing crooks and terrorists. To kill a man, one needs a strong motivation and a drive to kill.

The killings were not accidental, they were series of murders. Dizon himself gave the police the pattern of his killings, apparently giving way to his arrest.

"Sayang si Mark, saying ang galing nya sa computers," is what I've overheard from a group of tambays in Angeles City who perhaps know him well. "Sayang din ang galing nya sa pamamaril at lakas ng loob na pumatay," on the other hand what I said in my thoughts. He could have been tapped by the armed forces to fight in Mindanao.

Now that the last nail to the coffin of the killings was already hammered into it, Angeles City was back at its orderly state, minus the fear of being brutally murdered by a trigger-happy individual.

What I need to mention in this column is the love of his father to his son. Dizon's father personally led law enforcers to his arrest. I consider it love to see a son languishing in jail rather than in a tomb. The act of Dizon's father was also heroic, rather than stupidity. He chose rather to see a peaceful and orderly community even with the fact that it was his own son who is the killer.

The father is more brave than the son. More often, some members of the family of one who has committed a crime would instead hide their own and wouldn't cooperate with the authorities. But Dizon's father was different. He became a state witness of sorts against his own.

Along side, maybe he doesn't want to see his own son in a gunfight only to be out powered by his arresting officers. Expectedly, he would not be able to kill all policemen to escape the rule of law. Dizon's father deserves to be commended for siding with the law.

Congratulations to PSSupt. Danilo Bautista, City Police Chief for a job well done and a dozens out there who exerted efforts make the spate of killings part of the past.