CANDABA -- Tension rose between the village chief and members of the village council in Barangay Bahay Pare here after an alleged mauling incident.

Two barangay councilors were reportedly mauled after they allegedly implemented a Bayanihan-type road drainage canal project supervised by the council members.

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The two barangay council members are bent to file charges of direct assault against the chief of the Bantay-Bayan here, who allegedly assaulted them while performing their duties as barangay councilors.

Police Superintendent Wilson Santos VI, town police chief, identified the victims as Nicolas Bautista and Christopher Manangu, while the suspect was named as Norberto "Pogi" Manarang, chief of the Bantay-Bayan force.

Initial investigation disclosed that the complainants, being elected officials, spearheaded and supervised the implementation of a drainage canal project through "Bayanihan" at Sitio 3 of the said barangay.

Bautista said the project is being implemented with the help of the Municipal Government, which provided the supply of infrastructure materials. The share of the barangay is the labor component, which they did through the "bayanihan" system participated by the Barangay Council and concerned citizens.

As this developed, Village Chief Imelda Malana, also known as "Emy Gonzales," arrived at the place of the incident allegedly "fuming mad" and "badmouthing" the two barangay kagawads.

Reportedly, the project was not brought to the attention and knowledge of the village chief, resulting to a heated argument and altercation there.

Officials said that while an argument ensued, the suspect (Manarang) alighted from his vehicle and without any provocation assaulted and punched Bautista.

Officials said the victim was able to parry the blow of the chief of the Bantay Bayan. Bautista ran away but was allegedly pursued by the suspect, they said.

However, the victim slipped and fell on the muddy portion of the road. The suspect then continued punching the victim, when Manangu interfered who was also assaulted.