LIGHTS, camera, action!

And active you will be when you set foot on the "Entertainment Capital of LA" a.k.a. the Universal Studios Hollywood. Here's another shot at stargazing and maybe catch the Hollywood stars in action shooting for their television series or even a movie!

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By any luck, it would probably a quick glimpse since they will surely be ensconced in the confines of the hangar-like sound stages and sets. Otherwise, I would have to be content with the equally famous artists milling around the complex gladly having their photographs taken.

I am talking about the celluloid stars coming to life and boy, are they bigger than life! By bigger, I mean beyond human proportions. I never thought cute Dora the Explorer or Bart Simpson would be cute spelled in bold letters, or cute to titans, in proportion. Those TV animated stars must have chugged down those Chinese growth balls in massive quantities. (You must know I am humoring you.)

Here in Universal Studios, everything is big! Pretty much like what Texas is to the US. After all, this is where stars are born, the oldest and most famous movie studios that are still in use. Now, it is also a world-renowned theme park aka "the coolest place in LA." My first time so indulge me in my childish ways.

Jut like the old days, Universal still offers their studio tours via the Glamortram (oh la la!) but changed the name to "narrated tram" (gone are the glamor days) that still runs through the Backlot (which suffered eight fires in its history) of the studio. The ride takes you to view the lake in Jaws, the Bates Motel, King Kong's island and many more interesting movie sets.

The themed park is split into two areas, the Upper and Lower lots, which are in different levels and connected by the Starway aka escalators (fancy name, isn't it?)

Each lot has its own collection of attractions, rides and shows. I was able to catch the Shrek 4D and Waterworld shows and where I made few friends, animated ones at the Upper Lot.

Unfortunately, the park was closing while we were on our way to the Lower Lot and missing the chance to take the Jurassic Par, Revenge of the Mummy and Transformers rides. Darn! Must have been exciting. Looking at the brighter side, isn't that a great reason to go for a second visit?

Which leads me to giving everyone a word of advise. When planning to visit this theme park, make sure you make your "call time" the earliest possible- be there as soon as the gates open. You get to spend more time in the park and get your money's worth. Have fun and maybe you are luckier than I am in catching a real live Hollywood star!