CRITICS of the Truth Commission (TC) are just delaying the start of its work. President Noynoy Aquino, with his vast powers under the Constitution, can create the TC without any supporting legislation.

Section 1, Article VII of our Constitution vests upon the President the executive power. Section 17: “The President shall have control of all the executive departments, bureaus, and offices. He shall ensure that the laws be faithfully executed.”

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

Those opposing the creation of the TC are employing squid tactics to derail the investigation. Perhaps they were involved in past anomalies or were allies of the previous administration, which was branded as corrupt.

As a creation of the Office of the President and under Section 17, Article VII of the Constitution, the TC has the power to summon government officials or employees to shed light on matters it is investigating. The TC is not toothless, after all.

Any evidence the TC will uncover can be used as basis for the Department of Justice or the Ombudsman to file graft or criminal charges against those who maybe liable.


Much has been said about lingam massage. My neighbors Frank Malilong and Bong Wenceslao have written about its origin and how it is performed. But the view of moralists somehow obscured the benefits elderly men will derive from it.

Provincial Board Member Sun Shimura is still young. He does not need the lingam massage even if his wife-to-be permits him to have one.

Depending on which side you are, lingam massage is either good or indecent. Elderly men claim it is good. Moralists say it is indecent. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

The knee-jerk reaction of some government officials and the so-called moralists only exhibited their lack of knowledge on this kind of massage service.

Ritchie D. Nolasco-Gonzaga, a mother and wife, had the courage to write to this paper about this issue. She said local authorities are misguided and clueless about lingam massage. She said there is even yoni massage for women.

Vice Mayor Joy Young is approaching the lingam massage issue with an open mind. He even invited operators of lingam massage parlors closed by officials of neighboring local government units to transfer their operation to Cebu City.

“I talked to a few doctors, they don’t want to be named, (but they said) it’s true that they really recommend that for prostate cancer. So there’s some truth to it,” Young told Sun.Star Cebu in an interview.

But Young said lingam massage operators should observe the city’s guidelines. The committee on tourism can draft the guidelines that will draw the line between prostitution and providing “clean” lingam service and address issues on indecency and immorality, Young added.

A golf buddy said those who oppose the operation of lingam massage don’t know the benefits elderly men derive from it.

He suggested that only people 50 years old and above should be allowed to avail of this service.

An American friend residing in Cebu City said the masseuse, or therapists as they are called, are not at risk working in lingam massage parlors. It is a livelihood in these times of need, he added.

A lingam massage operator said therapists are not forced to work. They apply, are trained and are aware of the nature of their work. They are in a clean, decent and safe environment, the operator said.

The brouhaha against lingam massage is a result of stiff competition in the massage business. More men, especially tourists, patronize lingam massage.