TODAY, there is a gathering momentum among entrenched barangay chairmen to cancel the elections this year. It is abetted by our congressmen and conniving senators who can't wait to pass the bill for the purpose.

These so-called leaders had better take a pause and ponder what they are doing. Apart from securing their interests, how would the citizens benefit from canceling the barangay elections? For sure, they will continue to be taken for a ride by officials they cannot replace.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

The current officials have been in office for three years, but very little or nothing has changed. The filth, the ugliness, the disorder has remained, plus vice in their neighborhoods. No less than PDEA, the nation's drug enforcement agency, states that Cagayan de Oro is now among the top, if not the top, drug dealing capital of the region.

And consider this: our city, allegedly First Class, has many barangays with as many as 20 percent of their homes without toilets. How is this possible in this modern age? One does not even have to go far to check; just hie over to Consolacion right in the poblacion.

As the date for the scheduled elections approach, you'd think they would do at least a little tidying up and collect the garbage more efficiently. Perhaps they believe that elections will be cancelled anyway; how's that for being cocksure? They're not even self-conscious about how corrupt and shabby they look by doing nothing about the illegally-mounted campaign posters rotting in their surroundings.

They want to keep reminded of the dishonest and dirty elections that transpired in their precincts? Or is it out of despair that they want to stop having elections altogether?

Most everywhere, illegal installations and uncivilized behavior afflict our city because the barangays are remiss in their housekeeping chores. Of course, this also shows how inept are the mayor and the congressmen in getting things done other than tend to their pork barrel.

All these and more are unmistakable signs of a community with underdeveloped or third-rate officials elected by corrupted barangay voters.