A BUSINESSWOMAN was injured and her driver was shot when two motorcycle-riding gunmen ambushed them as they turned into a corner in Cabancalan, Mandaue City yesterday morning.

They were about 200 meters from the DRBG Import Export Inc. in Sitio Riverside, which Debbie Yu owns, when the gunmen strafed the driver’s side of their car using an automatic pistol.

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The attack wounded Sonny Mahilom, 28, in his body and head. He was declared in critical condition.

Yu, 55, jumped out from her car when the gunmen stopped firing, but accidentally hit her head on the pavement. None of the gunshots hit her.

Her Toyota Fortuner rammed a backhoe parked 40 meters from the company premises. A bridge separated the company property from the ambush site.

Yu received help from the driver of a passing multicab, Eric Arcilla, who brought her to the hospital. The culprits were no longer in the area when Arcella arrived and helped Yu.

Mandaue City Police Director Noel Gillamac said he believes the target of the ambush was the driver, not the businesswoman, because all the bullet holes were on the driver’s side of the car.

“We cannot discount the possibility that she was the target, considering the windows were tinted. But with all the shots aimed at the driver’s side, makaingon ta nga ang driver ra gyod ang tuyo (it seems the gunmen were only after the driver),” he said.

Mahilom has been Yu’s personal driver for seven years.

His relatives, who went to the ambush site, told homicide investigators of the Basak police precinct the victim had not quarreled with anyone.

“Buotan na siya (They say he is a good man),” Plania said, quoting the relatives.

The ambush site is packed with houses and many people noticed the culprits and saw their faces hours before the attack.

“Diha sila sa eskina, unya nag hubo sila sa ilang helmet kay dugay ni abot ilang target. Pag abot na, paka dayon (They stayed at the corner then took off their helmets after waiting for a long time. When the vehicle arrived, they attacked right away),” Gillamac said.

Nine empty shells were recovered in the ambush site. The victim’s vehicle is now at the PNP Crime Laboratory. (AIV)