THE Commission on Human Rights (CHR) will conduct an investigation on the police operation conducted against a leader of a carjacking syndicate, who died in a police encounter.

Commissioner Jose Manuel Mamauag in a television interview said the victim's mother, Malou Padilla, has asked CHR's help over the death of his son, Ivan Padilla, who died Monday in a shootout.

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Padilla said she does not believe that her son died in a legitimate encounter with police.

However, the National Capital Region Police Office's anti-car theft unit said they followed rules of engagement in the operation leaving Padilla wounded.

Superintendent Maristelo Manalo also rejected claims that police personnel choked Padilla, who was already bleeding due to gunshot wounds.

Padilla's family earlier questioned how the police handled Padilla's arrest and his death.

They also questioned on why they did not immediately send Padilla to the hospital.

Police, however, said that they are not doctors adding that they did not know that Padilla is dying or not.

Padilla, based on his death certificate, died of asphyxia.

Asphyxia is a condition of severely deficient supply of oxygen to the body that arises from being unable to breathe normally. An example of asphyxia is choking.

The certificate, signed by the Makati Health Department and funeral officials, contradicted reports that Padilla died because of a gunshot wound to the head. (Sunnex)