WHEN it comes to green tea goodness, no other brand can successfully entice the Pinoy palate than C2 Cool and Clean Green Tea.

In its new campaign dubbed C2 Expressions, which pays tribute to C2 drinkers all over the country, C2 captures that distinct bond Filipinos have with their favorite green tea drink. Focusing on slices of life of different Pinoys, the ad campaign highlights how C2 drinkers from all walks of life create special daily experiences with their drink of choice, C2 Green Tea.

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From its launch in 2004, C2 has always espoused cool and clean living for today's busy lifestyle. This year, C2 goes a step further with the C2 Expressions campaign showcasing how real people live their own cool and clean lifestyles with C2.

A first for C2, the new campaign features a series of ads that puts the spotlight on six everyday green tea drinkers from various professions who, like everyone else, deal with the daily demands of life.

The captivating ads showcase how C2 helps keep them refreshed, positive, and appreciative of the best things in life. Among these six personalities come different inspiring stories that can strike a chord with many Pinoys today.

There's Marga Abejo, a young music student who keeps her inspiration abuzz with C2 as she composes songs with her friends. Finding fulfillment in helping people stay healthy and well, nurse Ariel Revil turns to her favorite C2 variant to go through the day with optimism and vigor as she takes care of patients in the hospital.

Meanwhile, call center agent Eljie Sales finds herself coping with shifting work schedules and busy nightshifts with C2, her drink of choice that lets her stay fit and focused at work.

One ad also tells the story of John Manalo, a high school student trying to balance school, sports and the barkada, all the while staying energized with C2.

Health buff and physical trainer Roland Kraut shows how a healthy and delicious drink goes a long way in helping himself and his clients stay in shape.

Finally, viewers can get a glimpse into the unique creative process of fashion designer Kate Torralba as she whips up colorful designs with the help of C2 -- a refreshing and colorful addition to her list of inspirations.

True-to-life scenes like these show that C2 is all about real people with real stories and real experiences. Brewed from 100 percent natural green tea leaves,

C2 shows that Pinoys can enjoy a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle and delight in the best things in life as they create the perfect C2 experience, everyday and for every reason. (PR)